• Exhibit

    Why exhibit?

    Exhibiting it is first promoting the company, its product and its personnel
    The exhibition offers many opportunities for the professionals of the sector:

    1) For the Tunisian exhibitors (plastic processors) :

    • Ensure technological developments and know more about the innovative equipment and machines:new material, new machines, performing equipment
    • Diversify the resources of supply of raw materials: price/quality ratio
    • Examine the new technologies related to plastics processing
    • Study the quality of the processed products
    • analyze the competition, inquire about the evolution of prices and develop the business contacts
    • Check the prices evolution
    • Observe the trends of plastics production in the nearby markets and evaluate the product demand.
    • Develop the exports and look for new distribution circuits
    • Meet the design offices, the public organisms and institutions, the banks and the insurances.
    • Identify the representation and the distribution agents,
    • Study the Tunisian standards,
    • Initiate partnership actions : financial, technological and commercial
    • Evaluate the demand of raw materials and equipment
    • Present the new machines
    • Look for representation agents and for distributors
    • Study the Tunisian standards,
    • Meet the research offices, the organisms, the public institutions, the banks and the insurance companies
    • Initiate partnership actions: financial, technological and commercial partnerships
    • By the observation of the competition, the exhibitor positions him/herself and tests his/her competitiveness

    This event aims also to offer to the industrials of the sector, coming from Arab countries, opportunities of raw materials and finished and semi-finished products exports, and to foster the establishment of partnership contracts with the operators present at the Trade Show for the manufacturing of components, accessories and finished products in plastics.

    The Trade Show represents for the European operators of the sector a privileged space to establish partnership relations and prospect new Arab and Mediterranean markets.
    A space will be devoted for the equipment and the materials of recycling, of management of plastic waste and for the technologies of the environment protection.
    Plastic Expo is the only professional event of scope of plastics in Tunisia.