Profile of the visitors

    More than 8000 Tunisian and foreign professional visitors visited PLASTIC EXPO 2015.
    The professional visitors of Plastic Expo 2015 come from the following sectors:
    Chemical Industries, Plastic Industries, Energy, Electricity, Mechanics, Informatics, Office automation, Telecommunications, Household appliances, Hotel business, Agriculture, Games and toys, Catering, Decoration, Packaging, Domestic products

    Professional category of the visitors
    - Engineers in chemistry and plastics,
    - Managers of consulting and services offices,
    - Managers of analysis laboratories,
    - Researchers and managers of training centers,
    - Purchasing Managers, suppliers, representatives,
    - Businesso owners of all sectors,
    - Specializedtechnical and commercial personnel,
    - Delegations of the businessmen of the Maghreb professional
    committees of the sector.

    More and more European companies play the role of outsourcers for the transformation of plastic raw materials and of semi-finished products into plastic materials. The transformed products are essentially the packaging items, the polyethylene into leaves or plates, the polystyrenes and its copolymers which are then sold on the local market and to the exports.

    This concept allows the delocalized company to improve its production costs and hence increase its market shares.

    The key numbers of the 2015 Edition

    Two official delegations visited the Show: Algeria and Morocco

    Allocation of the visitors by sector:

    Plastic Industries: 28%
    Food/drinks and liquids:19%
    Cosmetics/ perfumery and hygiene: 12%
    Chemical industries: 9%
    Pharmacy/ Health: 7%
    Domestic equipment goods:
    Appliances and electronics
    Distribution/Commerce: 5%
    Printing: 5 %
    Construction/building and public works: 3%
    Services/ leisure/ catering: 2%
    Energy/ raw materials: 2%
    Services/institutions: 2%


    Origin of the professional visitors of the show:

    Arab countries European countries Countries of the francophone
    Burkina Faso
    Ivory Coast


    Expected in 2017 more than 300 exhibitors and more than 9000 professional visitors In parallel:
    • Conference about the evolution of the plastic market in the African continent
    • Technical workshops about the use of the new technologies of manufacturing and sale